Mosaic 10


Mat Johnson by Kenya Nyota Lee
Major Jackson by Ron Kavanaugh
Sharrif Simmons 
Robert Fleming

New Bookstores
Brownstone Books by Leah Mullen
Howard University Bookstore by Tracy Grant
Indigo Books by Leah Mullen

Independent publishing: Guichard Cadet
by Duval

Unleash the Book Publisher in You
by Ron Kavanaugh

The Big Mango by Norman Kelley
Slapboxing with Jesus by Victor LaValle
Kin by Crystal Williams
Popular by Thierry LeGoues
Committed to the Image: Contemporary Black Photographers by Barbara Head Millstein
High Hand by Gary Phillips
Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray, Edited by Albert Murray and John F. Callahan
Mother Love: Reinventing A Good and Blessed Future For Our Children by Esther Davis-Thompson
Details at Ten by Ardella Garland
Boys Into Men:  Raising Our African American Teenage Sons by Nancy Boyd-Franklin and A.J. Franklin, coauthored with Pamela Toussaint
Do or Die: A Mali Anderson Mystery by Grace Edwards
In Search of Black America: Discovering the African-American Dream by David J. Dent
Kin by Crystal Williams

Reconstructing Autobiography in the Borderlands: Anzaldua at the Liminal Edges of Identity
by Sushma Joshi

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