Mosaic 26

Issue 26

R. Dwayne Betts
Jamel Shabazz
Nkiru Books Bklyn

R. Dwayne Betts

Imagine Portrait of an Artist meets the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Here the protagonist turns to books and prepares to


meet the world outside of prison on his own terms—a world that doesn’t allow for redemption or keeping the past at bay. Click here to read online.
by Abdul Ali

Jamel Shabazz
How would you feel if you could recall almost everyone that crossed your life’s path? If you could remember the conversations, and the clothing, down to the shoes and accessories of the people you’ve met. Sounds like a feat only an individual with a fantastic memory could pull off. Click here to read online.
by Laylah Amatullah Barrayn

The 5th Inning by E. Ethelbert Miller
One Big Happy Family: 18 Writers Talk About Polyamory, Open Adoption, Mixed Marriage, Househusbandry, Single Motherhood, and Other Realities of Truly Modern Love by Rebecca Walker
Rebel Yell by Alice Randall
Something Like Beautiful: One Single Mother’s Story by asha bandele
Big Machine by Victor LaValle

Photo Essay
Nkiru Books Bklyn by photographer Marcia E. Wilson
Nkiru was a mecca for Black scholars, writers, and artists. From 1995 through 1998, photographer Marcia E. Wilson documented many of the readings and events held at the literary spot.

Lesson Plans
for High-school Educators
Using Mosaic’s content as a foundation, these lesson plans give secondary-school educators a connective tool to explore educational subjects such as history and social studies while also serving to increase the importance of books and reading.

Theme One: Family
One Big Happy Family by Rebecca Walker
Big Machine by Victor LaValle
The Fifth Inning by E Ethelbert Miller

Theme Two: Documenting our Lives
Back in the Days and A Time Before Crack by Jamel Shabazz

Theme Three: Expanding the Rim of Blackness
Big Machine by Victor LaValle
“The Look” by ZZ Packer (In Walker’s One Big Happy Family)

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