Issue 7

Issue #7

Breena Clarke
River, Cross My Heart
by Nikki Terry

big willie style
Willie Perdomo
by Renee Michel

a bona fide poet
Roger Bonair-Agard
by Damion Mannings

a one man show
Reggie Gibson
by Nichole Shields

random thought
Kevin Powell
by Cynthia Ray


movin’ on up!
by Camika Spencer author of When All Hell Breaks Loose
first rate books

Third World Press
by Nichole Shields

lights, cameras, words!
The Screenplay by Carla D. Robinson
a poet’s life
in the beginning…

Our poetic elders give opinions on the roots of poetry
by Robert Fleming

city of poets
1999 10th Annual Poetry Slam Contest
by Brenda Kimbal

of chapbooks and poets
by Sharon L. Powell


Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends… by Farah Jasmine Griffin
Black No More by George Schuyler
Careful What You Wish For by Myrlin A. Hermes
Cup of Love by Franklin White
Jazz Poetry Kafe: The BlackWords Compilation – CD
Kinship: A Family’s Journey in Africa and America by Philippe E. Wamba
Reclaiming Community in Contemporary African American Fiction by Philip Page
Song for Anninho by Gayl Jones
Time Will Tell by Trevy A. McDonald
To Make A Race by Jon Woodson
The True History of Paradise by Margaret Cezair-Thompson

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