Mosaic 43: Black/Queer/Lit

REVIEW: Mouths of Rain: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Thought
Edited by Briona Simone Jones, Reviewed by M Shelly Conner

REVIEW: The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer
by Janelle Monáe. Reviewed by Alma Sterling

INTERVIEW: Alexis Pauline Gumbs

After an all-too-long hiatus from print, Mosaic returns as an annual publication dedicated to amplifying the issues and narratives featured in a previous Mosaic Literary Conference. Mosaic 43: Black/Queer/Lit, curated by guest editor Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, features interviews, essays, poetry, photography, reviews, prose and more.

Contributors: Airea D. Matthews, Janet Mock, Chinelo Okparanta, C. Riley Snorton, Saretta Morgan, Krudas Cubensi, Marci Blackman, GerShun Avilez, Amarise Carreras, Donika Kelly, Jewelle Gomez, Airea D. Matthews, J. Mase III, Darius Bost, Cheryl Clarke, Darnell L. Moore, Marlon Rachquel Moore, Alma Sterling, Donika Kelly, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Tara M. Holman, and Felicita Maynard.

the New New Mosaic

Mosaic is a literary platform that showcases the work of writers of African descent. Each issue is curated by a respected guest editor, who selects a variety of works that represent the the theme of the Mosaic Literary Conference and the diversity of the African diaspora.

Rachel Eliza Griffiths

With the release of her first novel Promise, we revist Opal Moore’s interview with Rachel Eliza Griffiths. The interview was conducted after the release of Griffith’s stellar Seeing the Body, the highly acclaimed collection of poetry and the visual art of photography.  Seeing the Body, Rachel Eliza Griffiths’ highly acclaimed collection of poems, brings together her mediums— poetry and the visual art of photography. One confronts poetry, in this volume, as the labor of seeing as much as the work of words. Read more.

Francesca Ekwuyasi

Francesca Ekwuyasi’s debut novel, Butter Honey Pig Bread, is an evocative, lyrical tale of three Nigerian women—a mother and her two daughters whose relationship is ripped apart by a terrible event that would take years to overcome. We follow Kambrinichi—the troubled matriarch who believes she is an obanje— a spirit child in Igbo tradition who curses one’s family by repeatedly dying and being born again—and her twin daughters Taiye and Kehinde, who live parallel lives in different cities after fleeing their home in Lagos  Read more.

Lessons Plans

Mosaic develops workshops and lesson plans that demonstrate how Mosaic’s content, books, and culture can help empower educators, parents, and community-based organizations to use books, writing, and reading to engage curious minds. We invite the community to take part in our programs. Read more.

The Beautiful Ones

Mosaic is committed to providing a space to the beautiful ones –writers such as Lucille Clifton, NIkki Giovanni, William Melvin Kelly who are blessed with the imprimatur “elder.” Their words and lives embody the work that must be done to nurture movements that continue to resonate and bear fruit. Read more.

Mosaic is dedicated to the creation of enriching educational experiences through the development of engaging professional development workshops and comprehensive lesson plans.