Rachel Eliza Griffiths by Opal Moore
What does generosity have to do with making work? In the intervening years since our meeting, Rachel has built a reputation for her photographic portraiture, her literary portraits, her artistic video shorts, and her documentation of poets in conversation about poetry (an impressive archive of the creative exchanges of at least 100 poets in her Poets on Poetry project). Read more

Marlon James by Felicia Pride
In 2007, before the release of the Man Booker Prize winning A Brief History of Seven Killings and the critically received The Book of Night Women, Marlon James sat with writer Felicia Pride to discuss John Crow’s Devil and literary success. With the release of his debut novel, John Crow’s Devil, Marlon James, thirty-five, has been compared to everyone from Gabriel García Márquez and Toni Morrison to William Faulkner and Frantz Fanon. Read more

The 43

Mosaic Queer Issue
After an all too long hiatus from print, Mosaic is set to return as an annual “omnibus” dedicated to building on the mission of what it means to build a narrative across multi programmatic spaces: panels, public conversations, and academia.

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The Literary Freedom Project is committed to provided spaces that elevate narratives of the African Diaspora.


Mosaic develops workshops and lesson plans that demonstrate how Mosaic’s content, books, and culture can help empower educators, parents, and community-based organizations to use books, writing, and reading to engage curious minds. We invite the community to take part in our programs. Read more.

The Beautiful Ones

Mosaic is committed to providing a space to the beautiful ones –writers such as Lucille Clifton, NIkki Giovanni, William Melvin Kelly who are blessed with the imprimatur “elder.” Their words and lives embody the work that must be done to nurture movements that continue to resonate and bear fruit. Read more.


The Mosaic Literary Conference provides a platform for literature-based creative thinking and knowledge sharing. Each year we invite educators, community and arts organizations, as well as the public to participate in a variety of workshops. Read more.

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