MLC2012 Highlights

November 9 & 10, 2012 – The Mosaic Literary Conference kicked off with a lively discussion of Their Eyes Were Watching God led by award-winning writer Carl Hancock Rux. The talk, which was presented by WNYC Radio, coincided with the 75th anniversary of Zora Neale Hurston’s classic novel. The event took place at the Longwood Art Gallery in the Bronx NY

Day two welcomed a diverse array of educators and facilitators who led workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Presentations included starting book clubs for middle schools, using TEWWG and Alice Walker’s Color Purple to explore choices people make in society based on gender, race and class, and many others.


Thanks to the following organizations that helped make MLC2012 possible:, ABLE (Alliance for Black Literature & Entertainment), Acentos, African Voices, Black Girl Project, Center for Black Literature, Community Word Project, Dominion of New York, National Book Foundation, New York Writers Coalition, Poets & Passion, The Literary Network, WideVision Photography, and WNYC Radio. Their support made this grassroots effort possible.

Extra special thanks to photographer Marcia Wilson, WideVision Photography; Juanita Lanzo, Kim Rose, & Vanessa Gonzalez, Longwood Art Gallery; Femi Lewis; Hostos Community College; and everyone who supported us with love and donations.

Mosaic Literary Conference is a great opportunity for teachers, program administrators, and parents to learn ways to integrate books and reading into the lives of teenagers. A mix of informative public programs and creative workshops offer tools to engage young people, strengthen literacy, and develop education strategies. The conference is dedicated to celebrating books, culture, & education.

Literary Freedom Project • 557 Grand Concourse PMB 143 • Bronx NY 10451